martedì 8 febbraio 2011

A Comment on Egypt from Pakistan

"I wonder how these Arabs have borne all this for decades.We Pakistanis cannot bear military dictators more than eleven years (in the case of elected governments this period is two and a half years on the average).
 US reaction is also amazing. They cannot openly support the regime, but they are unable to find any substitute for it. I think US is in real trouble, which is unusual for them for the past many years. However I see very little, if any, positive result from all this, except a change faces. Here in Pakistan many people have been talking about "winds of change" and "Egypt like revolution in Pakistan" but to my opinion all this is nonsense. There is neither any revolution in coming, nor Pakistan presents a suitable ground for revolution. The Egyptians are struggling against Mubarek, who is a dictator. Here in Pakistan living with a democratically elected setup. Personally, I abhor Revolutions, because they seldom create positive results. Man is the result of Evolution, and something evolutionary can benefit him"
Received this comment on Feb. 6 from Mumtaz Hussein, assistant professor of Pakistan Studies at Govt. College, Chitral, and a member of the ancient princely lineage of the Khushahmadé of Charrun.

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