sabato 11 dicembre 2010

The bedrock of our republic

A worthy note by Bob Scheer has recently appeared on Truthdig:
What Scheer recalls in this article is precisely the point Norberto Bobbio started from in his 1984 study on secrecy in democracies, discussed earlier in this blog.
For Italians, it is particularly sad to compare the iron stand of Jefferson about free press, with all the "vitriolic press attacks" he suffered, with that of a man like Berlusconi, leader of a company that dares style itself "Popolo delle libertà", while he has consistently done all he could to silence the voices that criticized him. Berlusconi's stance is as far from liberalism as that of his predecessor Benito Mussolini. But most Italians, whether right or left, don't seem to have eyes to see or ears to hear. The bedrock of this republic is slowly being turned into mud.

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