mercoledì 6 luglio 2011

A time when that border will fall – On Kashmir and Way Beyond

I dream of a time when that border will fall
and three brother countries
will be one under one flag,
the pride of an ancient mother,
blessed with insight and benevolence,
loaded with millenarian experience,
rich with children of many a race and many a creed,
voted to excellence, scourning supremacy,
fit to lead the world softly
into a new age of freedom and peace for us all,
I dream of a time when all borders will fall.

The above in response to the following address from Mohammed Bugi Ansari:

In Keeping the Song ALIVE,
I am standing Like a Monument,
Burning in the Fire of Hope,
In Sharing, the candles in the Wind,
I seek shelter, Oh Kashmir,
My Mother Land,
I miss you, to be in the Hands of FAIRIES With Doves,
Flapping Freedom,
Like How DID the Pigeon
Fly away? asked the Mogul Prince,
Like this, said the princess, she let go the second
Priceless Bird, as well, that could spread
Peace and freedom, she envisioned, I long to see you
Once, again free.
Peaceful and full of Honesty,
My Own Kashmir, so i can
Feed Murgh e zarin with Pearls of Purity,
Let these opportunities
Go to waste cried the bosoms, of
Divided lines that were erected long
Before the division of sentiments, how many
Walls you will
Build, i will fly
Over them you can’t reach there
Is my Limit,
Let me Go
Is all I seek,
Among the Clutches.

Mohammed Bugi, written on 23 March, 2011

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