giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Avaaz: enough is enough!

I am sorry for Avaaz. They have taken several highly appreciable initiatives and I have subscribed a few of their petitions. But now it is the second time in a few months that I am invited to sign an appeal that is practically a call for war.
In March they circulated a petition for a no-fly zone in Libya. Shortly after that the UN Security council approved the highly irrational Resolution 1973/2011, which authorized any country in the world to wage an all-out air war against Libya that is still raging, plunging that country in a spiral of violence and civil war that is not likely to see an end soon.
Now it is the turn of Sudan. Under the heading “Enough is Enough!”, the Avaaz petition calls on the Security Council to “take decisive action to stop the brutal ethnic cleansing”, including “all efforts necessary to arrest President al-Bashir” and “to protect the people of Sudan”. This is the language of war. The petition does not in any way exclude or condemn a military intervention. This is not the way to protect human rights and promote the cause of peace and world security.
I am sorry for Avaaz. Enough is enough! I am not signing this call for war.
I hope that all those who care for peace will do the same.

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